Gajendra Ventures

For Families: Maldives Family Fun

Duration: 7 Nights/8 Days

Day 1: Family Arrival

  • Arrival in the Maldives, check-in to your family-friendly resort.
  • Welcome orientation and beach exploration.

Day 2: Water Adventures

  • Snorkeling and underwater experiences.
  • Family-friendly water sports and activities.
  • Evening movie night for the kids.

Day 3: Island Hopping and Cultural Exploration

  • Family-friendly island-hopping tour.
  • Visit a local fishing village and enjoy a Maldivian cultural show.
  • Relax on a family picnic at a nearby island.

Day 4: Marine Life Discovery

  • Family-friendly dolphin-watching excursion.
  • Fun at the resort’s Kids Club.
  • Family beach games and bonfire.

Day 5: Beach and Relaxation

  • Family beach day with sandcastle building.
  • Parents can relax at the spa while kids enjoy supervised activities.
  • Family barbecue and stargazing.

Day 6: Adventure Day

  • Family snorkeling or diving experience.
  • Water sports for all ages.
  • Evening storytelling session by the beach.

Day 7: Wellness and Farewell

  • Spa day for parents.
  • Family farewell dinner with a special show.
  • Memory-sharing and photo session.

Day 8: Family Departure

  • Check out and departure.